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It's not YOU, it's ME....(but, yeah, it kind of is you...)

When I was still a single lass, I hated to hurt the feelings of guys I went on dates with. It's not like I had a long line of suitors and was breaking hearts left and right. And, full disclosure: I was most often the dump-ee (which is bound to happen if a guy is mostly just in it for the sex, but you've committed to wait until marriage).

I was a good catch, other than the no-sex policy, and I did have a few guys who totally thought "Tina's Song" was their jam. Unfortunately for most of them, that's not the tune I was singing, if you know what I mean.

So how did I let these poor fellas know I just wasn't that into them? I usually gave them the old "It's not YOU, it's ME" line. You know the one -- "I'm the one whose heart is nothing more than a shriveled up raisin; I'm the one who is incapable of loving someone as amazing as you. Go! Go therefore and find a woman who is worthy of someone like you! I release you from the bonds …

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